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Apparently this jerkoff got a hold of someone Bree cares about. Which, of course, means she runs ahead and plays the martyr. great. She's almost as bad as Ananda. Matter of fact, she IS as bad as Ananda. What's this really going to accomplish? This man is bent on his idiotic destructive plan, and nothing is going to dissuade him. Instead of searching or considering other ways to foil the Order, effective ones, he just goes on a killing spree.

So Bree's going to be stupid. Sorry, Bree, but that's what I think you're being. Stupid.

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Not Exactly As I Planned.

"If Only I'd" syndrome is a killer. Right now, I'm only having one. If only I hadn't let Lauren use that laptop. Would things have been different?

Let me start from...well, I don't know if it's the beginning or not. We went in. Several times. We finally found her at the Youth Center. She wouldn't come with us. Even now, she holds on to that "other David" like he's her only hope for salvation. In taking her back, we basically proved to her that everything the Order had been saying about us was true. I should have expected that they'd get to her quickly...she was already programmed, after all. My fault.

So we were no longer recuers, coming to save her from an awful fate; We were kidnappers, ignoring a young girl's pleas and those of her father to just leave them alone. We were terrorists, prying a sick young girl's hands from her father and shoving her into a car. We were murderers, shooting that man in the back while he carried his daughter to safety. We were...monsters, bombing a Center which housed a hundred innocent children, youth and volunteers.

I don't know if we can get her back now.

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I remembered! HAHA! Take THAT!

I've found it, but from what I read I think she's not with it.

I think Alexia's mad at me. I have to fix that soon. She sleeps a lot. I haven't been very good to her. Alexia, I'm sorry. Things will get better now, you'll see.
I've lost track of the time we've been here. Hotel to hotel...I feel really bad for Alexia. I thought we'd be with someone else by now...It all seemed to simple. Get her out of there, find Ananda's signal, and go get her. Easy as that. I guess I didn't really think much beyond that.

Only...I can't find the signal.

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On The Run Again

It feels sort of good to be back. Feels like I've stepped back into my own skin. I mean, I know my life is in danger and all, but...It feels a whole lot more right than that happy lie I was living. To not hug my little girl, to not be with her...all right, I know I wasn't with her all that much before, and we fought, but...I guess if absence makes the heart grow fonder, seeing something every day and knowing you can't have it makes it nearly burst with love.

Alexia didn't speak to me hardly at all on the way to the hotel. I think she's angry at me, or processing things. I guess it's only natural...I mean, I did kidnap her and take her away from everything...tell her a crazy story (even if it's true)...put a gun to her head... She has good reason. Well, I'll let her write in her journal here. Maybe it'll help her sort some things out.

I'm going to try to find Ananda. I only hope she's safe. I hope the tracker I gave her is still working, too. So much to do!

But it is good to be back.

Whoever is keeping her...

Apparently she is staying with someone. There are indications they have created some sort of psychotic break in her...she may be in psychological shock.

I don't know what those people want, but convincing her that her misguided friend is back is...well, that's just cruel. Whoever you are, I hope your enjoying your little joke on a sweet girl.

Why don't you just give her back to....to her father?

Talk to me. Maybe we can work something out. I won't tell anyone...I just want her back safely. As a psychologist, I know that the state she's in could be dangerous if not handled correctly...and then where would your hostage be?

At the very least...let me tell you...never mind. You probably don't even want to help her. You probably did this on purpose.

You're sick.

I found it

I found it. She is..I won't say, they might read this. I knew I had a reason for this!


I am
A: Always watching
C: Crazy
F: Falcon
G: Grounded
H: Hunter
I: In plain sight
M: Mind-constructor
P: Prey
T: Therapist

I'm getting closer. I can't find the paper she wrote it on. It was a napkin, I'm getting closer to finding it. I think I'm close.


She didn't come to see me today. She usually comes to see me. She should have come to see me. Where is she?

My daughter isn't like that. She usually comes today. She doesn't just not come.

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